About Us

N.N Mahesh
Bairava Real Estate
Near CMC School

I have been doing real estate business in Nagercoil and all over Kanyakumari district for the last 15 years.
We have been buying and selling properties in Nagercoil and all over  Kanyakumari district for 15 years and making a good name for ourselves.
My office is located near the  CMC Schooll in Nagercoil.
Contact us for buying and selling properties in Nagercoil and all over Kanyakumari district.
Contact us to sell your property at a good price.
Service charge 1% for purchase of assets.
2% commission on sale of assets.
Your assets will be sold on a contract basis.
Xerox should give us full documentation for the place where you are selling.
We will notify our buyers only after our Advocate has checked those documents.
Those who do not wish to sell the property on commission basis can give us places to sell on contract basis.
You can find out your real estate needs through our websites and YouTube channel.
We also make arrangements to maintain your property.

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